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Graphic Design

The graphic design program has been part of the School of Art and Design at WVU since 1973. We have graduated more than 400 students, most of whom have remained in this field and now are located in most major US cities and many abroad. 

Graphic Design Student Work

We have graduates at the headquarters of Coca Cola, at the helm ofNBC’s entertainment division in Burbank, in major packaging firms, designing the web interests of the New York Times, creating multimedia for large corporations in DC, and designing for social concerns in the national offices of Big Brothers/Big Sisters and environmental groups.

Our graduates have also stayed in the state, contributing to West 
Virginia by working at the newspapers, the University, television stations, local agencies, and their own businesses.

As part of their preparation, students have interned inside and outside the University and worked on client-initiated projects in the classroom.

View student work and learn about our mission about Graphic Design