Painting at WVU

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Traditional and experimental oil and acrylic painting in figurative and abstract imagery are explored to their fullest potential for each student. The painting program is designed to introduce students to the historic and contemporary foundations of painting media. Learning is both one-on-one and collaborative, so that personal exploration and wider aesthetic discourse are heightened. The program emphasizes both craft and conceptualization.

Classes encourage open, diverse criteria for critique and evaluation. Students are invited to consider interdisciplinary media and multicultural sources of inspiration in order to find the most fluent and expressive voice for their work. Careful individualized advisement prepares painters to comprehend and engage the gallery market, trends in critical thinking, and reputable graduate programs for further study and other professional opportunities.

The painting area is housed in large, well-lit studios. Majors have twenty-four hour access to their semi-private spaces. In addition to basic hand tools and photo documentation equipment, students are strongly encouraged to use the School’s well-equipped woodshop and computer labs to facilitate their work. Our close proximity to the library also enables the students to keep abreast of contemporary developments in art.