The sculpture program curriculum provides a thorough grounding in many different materials and processes and is structured to enhance the student’s ability to solve structural, spatial, formal, and conceptual problems. Seniors will produce in-depth work with an emphasis on personal expression, as well as concept-oriented problem solving. This body of work is expected to be significant in its degree of growth, consistent in theme and direction, and creative in its expression and future direction.

Fall 2013 Casting Crew

Large-scale works are encouraged and are exhibited on the grounds of the CAC. This is optional in both the junior and senior year, according to the student’s development and ambition. Sophomores explore the various tools and techniques used in the wood and metal shops. Students concentrate on basic construction techniques and craftsmanship. Maquettes and drawings precede all projects produced, and critiques follow all finished work.

The School has both a fully appointed wood shop and metal shop. Wood working equipment includes; table saw, miter saw, wood lathe, planer, joiner, multiple drill presses, band saws and sanders. Metal shop equipment includes a bronze and aluminum casting foundry, a forge, a horizontal band saw, plasma cutter, oxy-acetylene torches, a tig welder and 4 mig welders. The sculpture area tool cage is fully equipped with a wide variety of both power and hand tools. This equipment allows the students to explore a wide variety of materials and techniques in their exploration of the medium of sculpture.