Mesaros Galleries

The Paul and Laura Mesaros Galleries serve to educate students, faculty, and staff across the university as well as the larger Morgantown community, with a special emphasis for art majors and students of art history. Exhibitions focus on innovative, experimental art that advances scholarship and discourse in the field. Contemporary artists featured in the exhibits are invited to campus as part of the Visiting Artists program to speak to classes, present a public lecture, and serve as role models for art students.

Located in the Creative Arts Center, the Mesaros Galleries are named in honor of arts patrons, Drs. Paul and Laura Mesaros. The Galleries are managed and programmed by the Art Museum of West Virginia University in conjunction with the School of Art and Design.

Mesaros Gallery Contact Information:

Robert Bridges, Curator
Museum Education Center
PO Box 6112
Morgantown, WV 26506-6111
(304) 293-2312