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Light Painting in Jackson Hole

The School of Art & Design at  West Virginia University College of Creative Arts is recognized as a leader in the education, creative development and growth of artists, designers, scholars, and teachers in the visual arts. Our mission is grounded on the attraction and retention of a talented, skilled, creative, distinguished, and diverse body of faculty and students.  The School assumes the responsibility of providing the members of this creative community with a challenging, productive and safe working environment, ensuring the fullest realization of their potential in creative activity.

We believe that West Virginia University is an exceptional place to study the visual arts. WVU is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Art and Design and the School of Art & Design’s degree programs are regularly evaluated to assure they are meeting these national standards.

students in Italy

A lively environment in our College encourages creative growth and intellectual challenge. With the rapidly changing arts culture in mind, our faculty are integrating emerging technologies into their studios and classrooms, establishing international programs and expanding our curriculum to prepare students for future careers in the arts.

Housed in the Loulie, Valerie and William Canady Creative Arts Center on WVU's Evansdale Campus, the School has outstanding studio spaces for ceramics, graphic design, photography, painting, printmakingsculpture, and time-based art. The studio programs encourage traditional approaches, as well as inter-media crossovers, including photo-based techniques, electronic art, installation, and the book arts. Art education and teaching certification is offered within the Bachelor of Fine Arts curriculum. Art history offers a diversity of courses, along with close interaction with the studio programs. 

Rezac show in the Mesaros

Bachelor of Fine Arts, a  Bachelor of Arts, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Teacher Certification are available degrees for undergraduate students. An  MFA/MA in Studio Arts, MA in Art Education, and an MA in Game Design along with a Graduate Certificate in Therapeutic Art are available options for graduate students.

All of our programs are enriched by the Laura and Paul Mesaros Galleries and the Visiting Artist Lecture Series, which host national and international exhibitions and distinguished visiting artists.