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Terese Giobbia

Assistant Professor | Art Education

Dr. Teri Giobbia received MS and Ph.D. degrees in Art Education from Northern Illinois University and earned a BS in Art from the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s School of Education. Her dissertation topic examined design education in the K-12 classroom and how the teaching practice of secondary school design educators can be enhanced by understanding the professional practices of fashion design professionals. Prior to joining WVU, Dr. Giobbia taught art education courses at Northern Illinois University and supervised pre-service art teachers. She has extensive experience teaching fine and applied arts in the K-12 classroom. Her research interests include design and technology education in secondary school curriculum; Fashion as Public Art; and the hybrid identity of American youth as seen through their clothing. Dr. Giobbia has presented on these topics at numerous international and national conferences and is currently publishing a book on incorporating fashion into the K-21 art curricula.