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Art Education

Express yourself, cultivate creativity.

Mix your knowledge of art, art history, methods, and materials with another's energy and interests. Help others foster their imagination and embrace their talents and allow them to explore themselves and the world around them through art.  T he program produces well-rounded artists/teachers with a high job placement record.

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The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art Education with Teacher Certification is a nationally-accredited, professional track degree with a studio concentration as well as certification to teach art in the schools, pre-K through grade 12.

Supported by their experiences in the studio arts, art history, and education, students in the four-and-a-half-year undergraduate program engage in various types of teaching and related activities while still having the full studio art-making experience in a concentration of their choice. They observe teachers in the public schools, work with these teachers on special projects and conclude with a semester practice teaching with carefully selected elementary and secondary school teachers. 

The Master of Arts degree in Art Education accommodates the seasoned art teacher as well as the inexperienced pre-professional student who is seeking advanced knowledge and/or training within the field of art education. Students interested in West Virginia Pre K-12 Visual Art certification may seek an M.A. plus certification.

WVU is now offering a Graduate Certificate in Therapeutic Art to provide additional training for art teachers. This field offers new professional opportunities to art educators who are trained, knowledgeable, and versed in its systems, methods, and practices for using visual arts therapy within their teaching practice.

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