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MA in Art Education

The Master of Arts degree in Art Education at WVU accommodates the seasoned art teacher as well as the inexperienced pre-professional student who is seeking advanced knowledge and/or training within the field of Art Education. Students interested in West Virginia PK-12 Visual Art certification may seek an M.A. plus certification.

The program requirements can be tailored to the individual needs of the student and can include a studio emphasis, a classroom research emphasis, or a community arts emphasis. The program typically includes a minimum of 30 hours of course work (for those coming in with a B.F.A. + certification) culminating in a research paper or project. If students come into the program without a B.F.A. + certification, the program will include a minimum of 48 credits including a student teaching semester of 16 credits to complete the degree.


18 | Studio and/or Academic Electives 

12 | Art Education or approved studies 

6 | Master’s in Art Education Project 

30 | TOTAL CREDIT HOURS (36 recommended)