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Undergraduate Application Process

Step 1

Apply to WVU. College of Creative Arts applicants must be enrolled at West Virginia University before consideration.

Apply to WVU at

Step 2

You are welcome to apply to the School of Art & Design online at any time, but you must be accepted to the university before a place in the program can be offered. A PDF application is available upon request from .

All applicants to the WVU School of Art & Design must submit a portfolio for review, except for those entering the Art History, Art Therapy, Game Design for Interactive Media, and Technical Art History majors. Portfolios can be submitted at one of the scheduled portfolio review days , on an individual basis, or electronically. This evaluation is conducted by the art faculty and is designed to ensure that all students entering the program have certain basic competencies and abilities. These skills are essential in enabling students to obtain the highest caliber professional training in the visual arts.  We recommend that you work with your art teacher or other instructors and seek their advice and counsel as you prepare your portfolio. 

This portfolio review also serves as scholarship consideration except for Art History and Technical Art History applicants who must submit a research paper (ideally, on an art history topic but a paper on any humanities subject is acceptable). Art Therapy majors are also encouraged to submit a portfolio for scholarship consideration.  An on-campus portfolio review or faculty meeting are recommended to students seeking scholarship consideration.

We will notify the student and the Office of Admissions of the results of the portfolio review or review of the research paper for art history applicants. Once you have been admitted, you will also receive information on the scheduling of classes.  

Students who do not meet the standards for admittance into the School of Art & Design may select a variety of other majors at the University, including the College of Creative Arts’ Multidisciplinary Studies program.