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Design for Social Impact

Women painted with captions on a wall mural on an outside building. The senior capstone Art 425 section with Eve Faulkes is entitled Design for Social Impact, and uses a Human-Centered Design approach to working with communities that have included a Palestine-Israel agricultural collaboration, communities in El Salvador through an NGO, towns in the Monongahela National Forest and other state and local communities. We work often in partnership with other disciplines as a team, co-designing the means to share stories, amplify and empower marginalized voices, or even to help start new projects to help migrate an economy from extraction to recreation. Place-making and difference-making are the goals as well as to develop visual products that have included exhibits, artists books, branding, murals, infographics, conferences, events, interpretive signage, web sites, package design and more. The process and relationship-building culminate in a story of the semester as a portfolio piece.


This course is open to all School of Art and Design majors.

Undergraduate course: ART 425

Faculty Contact

Eve Faulkes, Professor of Art