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Paint your passion.

The Painting program is designed to introduce students to the traditional and contemporary foundations of painting. Learning is both one-on-one and collaborative to develop personal exploration and encourage engagement with a wider aesthetic range.  

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Students are invited to seek multiple sources of inspiration in order to find the most fluent and expressive voice for their work. Careful individualized advisors prepare painters to comprehend and engage the gallery market, trends in critical thinking and reputable graduate programs for further study and other professional opportunities.

The  Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art & Design with an emphasis in painting provides training in traditional and experimental oil and acrylic media and exploration of both figurative and abstract imagery. A  Master of Fine Arts in Art & Design with an emphasis in painting invites students to consider interdisciplinary media and multicultural sources of inspiration for their work.

A naturally-lit painting studio is located on the top floor of the Canady Creative Arts Center that offers semi-private studio space to undergraduate students during their junior and senior years. Graduate students have permanent semi-private studios during the course of their study.

A unique Summer Painting Program in China allows students to study landscape painting in the Chinese ink style in Nanjing and Tangka (Tibetan scroll painting) in Tongren with extensive traveling to major historical and artistic sites throughout China. The Painting in NYC Global Positioning Studies course gives students the opportunity to explore the budding contemporary painting scene in New York City.

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