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Graphic Design

Design today is about informing, stimulating, persuading and empowering social change.

The WVU Graphic Design program aims to capture one definition of design: improvement of a situation, be it for health, efficiency, user experience, aesthetics or entertainment. Our design studio approaches problems by researching on-site to understand the environment and culture for which we are designing.

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The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art & Design with an emphasis in Graphic Design begins with learning a foundation in typography, color, symbolic drawings, design for small and large formats and design thinking. Tactical elements of design are explored hands-on through paper engineering, book arts courses and access to a letterpress studio. 

We run a model design studio, Studio 2453, that serves up to 30 clients per year. Students work as project directors with clients to produce design that often benefits a particular place and population. A portfolio class also prepares seniors for a design career where they present their work in Pittsburgh or Cleveland at AIGA Portfolio Days to gain feedback from industry professionals. 

Master of Fine Arts in Art & Design with an emphasis in Graphic Design graduate degree is also available. The course of study involves rigorous research to find new ways to communicate effectively. Graduate students are expected to present a paper at a major conference.      

WVU Graphic Design alumni live and work in most major US cities and abroad. They have careers at the headquarters of Coca Cola, at the helm of NBC’s entertainment division in Burbank, CA, in major packaging firms, designing the web interests of the New York Times, creating multimedia for large corporations in DC, and designing for social concerns in the national offices of Big Brothers/Big Sisters and for numerous environmental groups.

Our graduates have also stayed in the state, contributing to West Virginia by working at the newspapers, the University, television stations, local agencies, and their own businesses.

Students intern inside and outside the University and work on client-initiated projects in the classroom to give them real-world experience.

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